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How Does Simply BoxIt Work?

Simply BoxIt provides a quick and easy way to remove and store boxes and small items (we do store larger items too!)

Simply select how many boxes you need to store, how long you need to store for and build your quote from there.

You can pay monthly or up front for the total time you need to store for.

We will deliver your boxes and any packaging for you to pack and box up for items. You do also have the choice to use your own boxes.

Once packed simply seal and label your boxes (so you know what’s in each box) and get them ready for collection.

We will then collect your boxes on your chosen date and you will be given an AM or PM collection window. Just get your items down to the ground floor and we will do the rest.

Your items will be taken away and stored at our secure storage facility in Manchester equipped with CCTV and a 24 hour security guard on site.

When you need your items back – simply give us a call and we can book your return. You will need to confirm your return address (again we will deliver to the ground floor) and chosen return date and your delivery charges will be calculated. You don’t have to get all your boxes back at once, you can leave some things in storage and just get a few bits back perhaps for Summer or Christmas when you need them.

That’s the beauty of Simply BoxIt. We keep it simple!

What times do you collect and deliver?

You choose the date and pick an AM or PM slot for your delivery or collection. Our driver will then be able to call with an ETA on the day of your service so it’s really important you provide the correct contact details.
Deliveries/Collections will be from 8.30am up until 4.00pm.

Where are my items stored?

Your items will be stored in our Manchester storage facility at M12 5AQ.
It is not open for visitors – sorry! We are equipped with a 24 hr security guard and full CCTV so you can be sure your items are safe and protected at all times.

Can I store more than just boxes?

Yes you can! We offer a range of pre-selected items that you may want to store when you build your quote, such as chests of drawers, guitars, lamps, buggies and more. If the item you want to store isn’t on the list then just give us a call to see if we can help!

You will be charged according to the items size and if it’s larger than anticipated on collection your storage costs may increase.

Can I use my own boxes?

In short, yes you can but if you do then we cannot cover your goods under our insurance! We do advise using our boxes as they are durable, secure and double walled – and we deliver them for FREE within the storage costs so why not?!

If you have boxes already then we can collect them but if they are deemed to be unsuitable or not safe to carry your items may need to be re-packed and you will be charged for this service.

How should I label my boxes?

Label your boxes however you like – it’s important you know what’s in them.

e.g. BOX 1 – Records, DVDs and Vinyls. BOX 2 – Summer Clothes and Shoes BOX 3 – University Files and Books

You must also include your name and unique customer number on each box.

Do you only collect and deliver to the ground floor?

Yes – to keep things simple we ask that you get your items to the ground floor for collection and we will re-deliver back to the ground floor.
If you are struggling with your items, they are too big or you can’t get them to ground floor. Please let us know when you book and we can do a “door to door” service for an added charge.
Charges will depend on the access, floor number, lift or stairs access etc.

Is there a weight limit for my boxes?

The weight limit on boxes is 25kg. If you can’t lift it – chances are our guys won’t be able to either!

You also don’t want a box too heavy where the bottom will collapse. Be sensible when packing your items.

Is there anything I cannot store?

We will store most things within reason. For insurance and safety reasons we cannot store vehicles, explosives, flammables, corrosives, food, perishables, livestock, weapons, illegal substances, money, gold, silver, precious metals or stones, engines, trailers, hovercraft.
You can see full details on our terms and conditions and insurance summaries. Just ask us for more details.

Do you offer insurance cover?

Yes. We offer standard insurance where your items are covered from £100 total cover up to £2000 total cover. If you need a higher value of cover please contact us.

Please see our full terms and conditions for what our insurance will or will not cover.

Items stored in your own boxes cannot be covered under our insurance policy. You must use our boxes.

How does the insurance work?

Insurance works by you adding the level of cover that best suits your items when you book.

If you have high value items – make sure you select the right level of cover. i.e. up to £1000 total cover, up to £500 total cover or whatever you need.

If something has a value of £1000 but you have only insured for £50  then that’s all you will be covered for in any event that the item become damaged while in storage with us.

How do I pay for my storage?

Our payment process is simple. You can pay monthly on a rolling contract for your storage or you can pay up front for the whole period you want to store for. Be it 2 months, 4 months, 9 months or more!
You choose the best option for you.
If you are unsure how many months you will need to store for we recommend going on our month by month rolling contract.

How much is it to have my items redelivered?

There is always a charge to have your boxes returned to you and the cost depends on the area we are delivering back to.
We are based in Manchester but we can complete deliveries all over the country and can even arrange your boxes to be couriered to another country if you choose.

What happens when I need my items back?

That’s fine! You pay for the full month in advance but you can have your boxes delivered back partway through a month if that suits you better.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for unused days or weeks so we advise that you try and plan your storage dates as best you can.

I am a business. Can I use your services?

Of course! We help many businesses with their storage needs. We are flexible and convenient and come to your door to collect any items you need to be stored.

De-clutter your office, store files safely or store while you renovate.

Do you sell other packaging materials?

Yes! We sell a full range of packing materials you might need. Bubble wrap, fragile tape, packing paper, polystyrene chips, TV boxes and more! Just add to your order when you book and it will be delivered with your boxes.